A road winds through a desert landscape dotted with green plants and surrounded by rocky outcroppings

Writing Portfolio

Print Publications

Finding Solitude in Southern Utah – Rova Magazine, Adventure Six (April/May 2018)

Travel: International

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Travel: United States

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Guest Posts

Wilderness First Aid: First Priority Instead of a Last Resort – Outdoor Women’s Alliance

How to Make a Difference When You Can’t Volunteer – GoAbroad.org


Writing Interests

Adventure and Outdoor Travel: how humans relate to the outdoors and find inspiration in human-powered activities. Personal interests include: rock climbing, running, hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Solo and Independent Travel: whether international or wilderness travel, exploring what it means to go it alone and be independent.

Women’s Travel and Outdoor Activities: inspiring other women to get out, try new things, and push the boundaries of what’s comfortable.