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We live in an era where new tech possibilities roll out weekly, and a barrage of information threatens to overload our already cluttered inboxes, browsers, and brains. Despite all of the apps, books, and articles telling us how to be more productive and save time, our lives feel busier than ever.

I want to make life simpler.

As a writer and designer, I want to make the tasks we have to do easier, so we have more time for the things we want to do. I want it to be a snap for you to pay your credit card bill so you can get outside for that quick hike. I want to help people feel confident in their actions, whether they’re signing up for a mortgage or choosing a vacation destination.

I’ve already helped thousands of readers at make decisions about spending time abroad, from how to pack for an internship to getting over culture shock. I’ve shared the experience of traveling off the beaten path in Southern Utah in ROVA magazine and provided tips for how to adventure outdoors in my own blog.

Through my writing and design work, I want to help people feel like their best selves, getting after whatever they want most in life. The best way to do this is by creating information that’s easy to understand and easy to access, and a little bit fun, too.

I’m based in Salt Lake City, and when I’m not thinking about making people’s lives easier, I’m disconnecting from it all and getting outside. I love hiking, climbing, and camping, I get really excited over wildlife sightings, and I always bring enough snacks to share.

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